Carlo Minchillo is an avid performer and dedicated drummer in the Brooklyn music scene. He is a founder/producer/composer of the cinematic project, Murder Tag, and the drummer for the indie rock band, The Planes (Totally Real Records). His associated acts include Ghost Funk Orchestra (Colemine Records), NO ICE, Monster Furniture, Ilithios, Glass Tactics, The Royal They, Bizarre Sharks, Glass Slipper, Drummers Can Achieve, Pocket Protector, The Redactors and Kill Bots Kill.

Born and raised in the Greater New York area, Carlo purchased his first drum set at the age of thirteen with money he earned walking and caring for dogs. With limited resources, he then began teaching himself to play by dubbing vinyl records and CDs to cassettes and playing along to the recordings. Dave Grohl (Nirvana), Buddy Miles (Jimi Hendrix) and John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) were a few of his earliest influences, drawing inspiration from their steady grooves, tasteful drum fills, and impeccable timing. Since then, he has joined various rock, punk and alternative bands and is open to playing all genres, including funk, pop, post-punk and garage rock. 


In recent years, he has become increasingly involved in the Brooklyn music scene. He performs in numerous bands, organizes and promotes shows, and works as a sound engineer at local music venues. While he maintains a busy schedule for shows and rehearsals, he continues to improve and hone his skills by studying with drummer/percussionist David Cornejo (Berklee College of Music - Boston). He also worked at Studio G in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, learning recording engineering skills and proper studio maintenance and procedures.

Carlo also brings a unique and professional approach to the music making process. He has a broad understanding of musical styles that allows him to communicate ideas clearly and help identify the needs of the band. He is committed to making recording sessions and rehearsals fun and efficient by writing and practicing his drum parts beforehand, being punctual and organized, and being receptive to criticism. Carlo also has an unwavering sense of enthusiasm and energy that enables him to maintain a positive, focused and adventurous attitude.


In the summer of 2018, Carlo founded the Brooklyn Drum Collective, a community networking organization for aspiring and working musicians. With the help of co-founders and fellow drummers Rick Martinez (The Royal They, Scout Harris, Warp Trio) and Zac Pless (Tree River, The Sharp Shadows), they contacted drummers to attend meetings and join the discussion. Soon, it grew into a widely recognized grassroots resource for the local music scene, providing drummers with masterclasses, music equipment and drum repair services.


Carlo Minchillo currently resides in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He is available for recording sessions, live performances, sound engineering, drum setups/repair, and professional instruction. Contact him at