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Carlo Minchillo is a professional drummer, live sound engineer, drum tech and instructor living in Brooklyn, New York. He performs and records with groups such as Ghost Funk Orchestra (Colemine Records), NO ICEThe Planes, Murder Tag, Ilithios, and many more. He has worked at the prestigious Studio G recording studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and is a live sound engineer for the local music venues, Our Wicked Lady and The Gutter. He is also the founder and managing director of the local community organization, the Brooklyn Drum Collective, providing masterclasses, networking opportunities, and repair services throughout Brooklyn. Carlo is available for recording sessions, live performances, sound engineering, drum setups/repair, and professional instruction.

"If you're looking for professionalism, look no further than Carlo. He will always go the extra mile to ensure that he's ready to perform confidently and with plenty of gusto. I couldn't have been more pleased with how he handled our material, especially on a relatively short turnaround."

Seth Applebaum

 Ghost Funk Orchestra

"I’ve been lucky to work with Carlo in a variety of roles - recording him as a drummer and mixing records with him in the producer’s seat. Carlo’s passion, enthusiasm and ability lend themselves to any musical situation, and working with him is always a sincere joy. Plus - if you’re nice - he’ll bring you a loaf of his homemade bread, which is not to be missed."

Jeffrey Berner,

Producer, Engineer, Mixer

 Psychic TV,

"In my decade-plus of playing in bands, I've met few drummers as passionate, diligent and capable as Carlo. He'll work harder than anyone else in the room, and you can tell he loves every minute. Hire him."

Sam Gelernter,

Engineer, Mixer 

Plaid Dracula