"Carlo was a joy to work with. He advocated for as many rehearsals as possible and still found time to fine-tune his parts on his own before our session. He takes direction extremely well, is comfortable playing in many styles, and is an absolute professional in every aspect. I could not be happier with the recordings we made."

Gabe Smoller,

 Monster Furniture

"Carlo is one of the hardest working and dependable musicians I know. I saw him go from the guy attending shows to the guy putting on shows and clinics in a very short amount of time. I've played with him in a couple of bands, and he's very versatile and basically lives in the pocket."

Myles Peterson,

 Glass Slipper, Red Tank

"Carlo is an incredible session drummer both in the studio and on stage. He’s fluent in a wide range of styles and genres and always plays to fit the song—but if you need him to shred, he’s quite willing and able! Whenever I’ve worked with him, I can rest easy knowing that he’ll show up on time with the parts down. And he’s an incredibly considerate and friendly person on top of all that. I highly recommend hiring Carlo for your next session."

Scott Sugarman,

 Scott Kodi, Monster Furniture

"When Carlo filled in for Bizarre Sharks, he was totally professional. He came to rehearsal on time, had learned and practiced all of the parts, and kept track of feedback. He slid into place easily and the gig went off without a hitch.


P.S. he brought cookies =)"

Jake Backer,

 Bird Language, Bizarre Sharks